About the artist

Sergei Orekhov (born in Moscow in 1954) finished Moscow State Art and Design Academy named after Stroganov in 1977. The artist lives and works in Moscow, deals with easel and mural painting.

Sergei Orekhov’s art is devoted mainly to landscapes and still life. He also made a number of wall paintings in private villas near Moscow and in restaurants in Moscow. Recently the artist has accomplished some copies of the pictures by the Russian and Western-European painters of the 19th – 20th centuries.

You can order pictures and wall paintings of any size and any subject. The customers’ wishes are taken into account while creating a picture or mural painting. You can suggest the idea of the picture, your own subject. You can also order a copy of pictures painted by old masters or some motifs from these pictures can be used. Sergei Orekhov can suggest you his own ideas and subjects of a future picture and make a preliminary sketch for your approval.

Orders for architectural and interior projects (in cooperation with professional architects - designers) are accepted as well.Projects can include ceramic panels, mosaics and mural painting on the inner and outer walls.

Sergei Orekhov’s pictures can decorate your home and office. The paintings create the feeling of quietness, pacification and mental equilibrium, they help to forget the vanity of a big city and daily problems.

The artist paints panoramic landscapes with towering cliffs, a calm sea and boats on the shore or small peasants’ huts hidden among the thick trees and wayfarers strolling unhurriedly. This quiet concentrated and intimate tone becomes a typical feature of many works.

The colour range which promotes to create a meditative serene mood is built on tender refined hues of ochre tints. A golden reflection can be seen on all the elements of landscape, a warm sunlight is spread on high cliffs, dark clumps of trees, majestic clouds and turquoise sea water.

The connection with the traditions of old masters can be seen quite clearly in Orekhov’s works. Having investigated and worked over their heritage in a creative way he turns to two permanent themes in art – man and nature. It is the contemplation of its quiet placid images that gives man a possibility to forget about the problems of the world around him, to understand its majestic silence and sublimity.

Many pictures painted by Sergei Orekhov are in private collections in Russia, Japan, Finland, Serbia, Luxemburg and France.